How to conquer the mountains in Himalaya?

1. Introduction This week’s data records every attempt people have made to climb the mountains in Himalaya. As an amature hiker, I really hope one day in the future I could step my feet on the groud of Everest which is probably the most famous mountain in Himalaya.

Data analysis on "Friends"

1. Introduction In this project, we will focus on probably the most world-renowned TV series “Friends”. This project would be divided into two parts.

Data analysis on campus recruitment

1. Introduction Today, we will analyze the data on campus recruitment. The data is simulated for MBA students at XYZ campus and includes the students’ performance from middle school all the way to MBA.

IMDb rating analysis of "The Office"

1. Introduction In this project, we would conduct data analysis on TV series “The Office” which is one of my favorite TV series of all time.

Legendary pokemon classification

Introduction In this project, we will explore the pokemon data. The focus is to develope a machine learning model to predict whether a pokemon is legendary or not.