R project

Visualization on Great American Beer Festival

1. Introduction For this post, we will use the data about the Great American Beer Festival. Specifically, three kinds of visualization would be created to reveal the geological information in this data.

When is the golden age of rap music?

1. Introduction I have a rap-enthusiast friend whom I have known for a long time. We became friends when we were still in kindergarten. Now he’s operating his own vintage outfit store.

How to conquer the mountains in Himalaya?

1. Introduction This week’s data records every attempt people have made to climb the mountains in Himalaya. As an amature hiker, I really hope one day in the future I could step my feet on the groud of Everest which is probably the most famous mountain in Himalaya.

How does the US spending on kids change?

1. Introduction This week’s #TidyTuesday data concerns about the US spending on kids. Since I’m currently in a K12 education tutoring program, I’m really excited about the data and can’t wait to see the final result of the analysis.

What's in your cocktails?

1. Introduction Several days ago, I went to a bar to celebrate one of my friends’ birthday. We ordered some cocktails. However, when my drink was served, since I am not an alcoholic person, I couldn’t really recognize what was in my margarita after a few sippings, which makes me wonder if I could develop some interactive web application so that people would know what are the ingredients added to their booze.

Data analysis on "Friends"

1. Introduction In this project, we will focus on probably the most world-renowned TV series “Friends”. This project would be divided into two parts.

Data analysis on campus recruitment

1. Introduction Today, we will analyze the data on campus recruitment. The data is simulated for MBA students at XYZ campus and includes the students’ performance from middle school all the way to MBA.

IMDb rating analysis of "The Office"

1. Introduction In this project, we would conduct data analysis on TV series “The Office” which is one of my favorite TV series of all time.

Text mining of 2016 Presidential Election candidates' tweets

In this project, we will analyze the tweeter data of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The data contains detailed information about their tweets from January 2016 to Nov 29 2016 (for Clinton, the data spans from April 14 2016 to Nov 29 2016).

Legendary pokemon classification

Introduction In this project, we will explore the pokemon data. The focus is to develope a machine learning model to predict whether a pokemon is legendary or not.